On The Road...in Florida  Signs and Wonders is written, photographed, illustrated and designed by Daniel Charles Assael.

On The Road...in Florida  Signs and Wonders is a photographic and text essay on Florida’s unusual, themed, big object, vernacular and Googie Doo Wop style attractions, structures and signs. It will be 208 or more pages long and contain 763 or more photographs and illustrations.
On The Road...in Florida  Signs and Wonders tells stories that explore the context and meaning of these subjects in our culture in a unique way. It is rich in descriptive information and poignant social commentary, as well as, mind bending humor, that at times, is relieved by pathos.
Daniel Charles Assael is a writer, photographer, illustrator and graphic, industrial and attraction designer living in metropolitan Orlando, Florida. He is the founder and principal of AAI, Assael Associates, Inc. in Winter Park, Florida. His themed attraction designs have been built at Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, Sea World Adventure Park, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museums, Florida roadside attractions and zoos and aquariums. His print and industrial designs have been produced by many major companies. His Create Magazine article, “Bigger is Better”, in Winter 03/04 / Issue 11, chronicled the history of Big Object roadside structures and presented a humorous, yet informative, tutorial on designing wacky themed roadside attractions, billboards and vehicles. He has personally photographed well over 1,200 Florida roadside scenes. He was born in Manhattan and lived in Greenwich Village until moving to Florida in 1991.
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